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Korea TO DO

Korea TO DO
Korea Tourism Organization have a program to trip The Korea Country. I’m so happy to follow this event from KTO via Korean Air Southeast Asia.

Not much I can tell you about my wishes to stay at a while in Korea, other than my desire to go and enjoy the day and breathe the clean air on Korean, and catch a capture on my digital camera. As a result connoisseurs of photography and beautiful scenery wherever I am, Korea is a country with many beautiful places I have always admired his existence. With many cultures heavily guarded beauty and always keep the traditions of antiquity.

My interest in this country is revealed over time the website (ibuzzkorea) and (Asian On Air Program) is holding a contest to be able to visit the country within five days, and it is very encouraging news for all those who yearn to set foot in the country.

Korean Modernity, Culture, Nature, and Art Entertainment

Three options are given theme here: Things I want to DO, SEE, or HEAR in Korea. Absoutely I chosed to DO, if my desire is only for viewing or listening, oh God, you just only seeing or hearing them on their websites, youtubes, or whatever option that they're gave. I chosed to DO something THERE, espesially in Korea, Seoul.

Not much I can Narrate about what I would do there, but for sure, it all will be a greatest fun for me and anyone that follow these trip.

First time that must be i hear there is national Korean language on Hangul words. It would be nice to know how they used the language in the other spatial than usual. Hopefully, I can learn it and practice it a little straight in Korea. AnyeongHaseyeo.

Korea became famous with his artistic events that attract a lot of people in the world, including Indonesia. With so many various lines in the field of arts like drama (dorama), music (vocal groups), and style. Korea also offers a variety of interesting places to visit with a wide variety of historical value, as well as a variety of cosmetics products commonly found and used by the celebrity world, as well as the original food favored by those who started in the world of culinary connoisseurs.

I want to pass a wide range of road and park there, just to perpetuate life in a beautiful picture that will stay in memory later. Korea storing various forms of beauty in the landscape city owned, and it makes a lot of people interested to just sit out in the garden and breathe off. As I was enjoying how town planning can be designed very well if you have a cleared concept. Walking along the Cheonggyecheon river which was very popular with the place is clean and full of art activities will remind me with a variety of atmosphere in my life. dim the lights at night reflected on the riverside will evoke a romantic atmosphere for anyone going through there.

Take a trip in the evening by watching the people nightlife that they have it so made me tremble by just thinking about it. How do they spend time with a lot of walk or take a public transportation than driving a private vehicle it really will give a very different atmosphere compared my own country. The Korea government is very attentive to people and of course there are environmental issues that are owned by public facilities are concerned the conditions and lifestyle of Koreans who enjoys walking over to make it all goes well.

Enjoy cafe or coffeeshop in there, may be a small thing for them or others, but for me there I could enjoy how people interact among themselves and I can learn a lot from their lives. Ranging from how to apply interpersonal respect, habit they always do, and my attraction to the style that they use in the country. It also is because many celebrities are already eyeing the Korean fashion style as their style of everyday or show in their country. See Seoul National University or other Universities there, would be so amazing to me, just by imagining it has fascinated me, let alone get to see firsthand how the campus life there.

Just walk in between the trees that lined the meeting in a city park with an occasional glance at those who crossed it would be very nice indeed, especially when the fall arrives and the leaves changing colors and falling on the road that I passed, it would definitely be moment I can not forget for the rest of my life.

Korea is becoming a tourist destination and business people all over the world, so the income they have increased dramatically in recent years. Entertainment is one of the biggest contributors to the economic output of the country and the government strongly supports all forms of artistic activity that is held there. There are some Korean vocal group that I like such as Big Bang, 2ne1, Beast, Shinee and some local musicians and bands that have a good voice and the lyrics are great for telling some story on my life. Hopefully, I could see where they were educated to be well-known as it is today.

Samsung is one of the leading companies in the world, and held in Korea. For lovers of gadgets (though not yet afford it) I had a great desire to come to the place where all the magic began gadget. And see firsthand how they work and the gadget makers create new products. (Hopefully can get the free). Just beacuse i am not use the samsung gadget, does not mean i don’t want that gadget, all it’s about my money that’s not enough.

See a lot of variety beautiful buildings which exist in Korea will surely make the eyes is not cease to be open, and that was very definitely wanted me to do. Seoul Tower which started filming famous as it is used in several scenes in the Korean drama, making it a target for foreign and local tourists, with very good lighting at night makes it a very romantic place for visitors. And so, the Banpol bridge that serves attractive scenery with a fountain on the side of the bridge and the magnificent lights at night as if it was a awesome dancing bridge with raibow lights and sceneries. Oh God, I hope I can see it and use the incident as a pivotal moment in my brain memory. Do not forget to take a lock on the tower pocket, I would expect a lot of love and a memory of this place until later hopefully get back to this place.

Visited various famous market in Korea and shopping centers are popular among local and foreign tourists will be I need there, once again noticed people of korea in living day-to-day activities would be fun for me. When will I have a budget that is more to do shopping activity just to share the Korean souvenirs for relatives and friends, I would do it for sure.

Food and drink tasting unique and authentic Korean specialties will definitely be something new in my life, Kimchi or Makgeoli example and roadside snacks always in drama-korean that I often watch, yes even though I do not really like the food that was not usually in my mouth, but I will definitely try a little, because once again it will be a once in a lifetime experience of mine. Maybe it is different with familiar dishes such as cake, coffee and tea that I would definitely be happy for i try to eat them.

And certainly I'd love to visit, as I mentioned earlier is a place where tradition or culture of a country's wealth came from, like a palace owned by Korea, one of which is Gyeokbokgung Palace. Once again korean drama succeded me or many other people fascinated by the beauty of this palace owned. The composition of the rock where we walked in the palace, the composition of the wood used in the manufacture of the palace itself, and the bright red color that has always been my favorite color for a magnificent impression caused. It's so awesome palace there. I dream to touch the bottom of the stairs of the palace.

Heyri Art Village keeps me thinking that someday I could go to the village. Again, it's cause art that the village show up to the public. So many greats building there with a greats architec too. The buildings were like had a story behind the workmanship and sculptures in the garden wild village will be enough to impress me to quickly take pictures and immortalize the memory and each capture in my digital camera.

There are very few places like in some drama that aired in Indonesia, but then again I do not really know the names of these places, besides the names are difficult to keep in mind as well as the memory of my brain that is sometimes difficult to remember. There are places where a coffeshop is above the mountains are not very high, and I think it would be wonderful if I sit in one of the tents there is coffeshop terrace looking green mountains there and enjoy a cup of hot tea and a few pieces of chocolate cake that coffeshop maked.

To be sure here, it would be nice if the trip is not only done alone, with friends from different countries will definitely add a fun and festive atmosphere there. Exchange of information and mutual photographed place to go, it would be a wonderful beginning for a friendship, and memories for a farewell.

Hopely, some of my story above can be achieved by following this contest.

Hopefully, I can enjoy the beauty of Korea with my sense of touch. 

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  1. I visited Heyri VIllage... it was quaint and beautiful. definitely a must go for a getaway and art people.... :)

    1. It's an awesome village if i saw from the youtube and so many websites in the google. it's cause i'm so like about arts. hopelly i'll go there someday.